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Frequently Asked Questions for Email Marketing

1.What is Email Marketing?
Email marketing uses the Internet to communicate information about promotions, company offerings, product updates and more. It is a valuable dialogue between a prospective or current customer and a company. Email marketing is most effective when the recipients are targeted and the information is relevant and timely.

2. Can my business benefit from online newsletters and special promos?
EMarketer estimates there are lots of Internet users, spending 92% of their online time sending and receiving emails. Given the low cost and high impact value of email marketing, there are no businesses that would not benefit from tapping this market.

3. Why would I use Email Marketing?
Bulk email marketing is more cost effective, and achieves results faster than traditional direct mail marketing. Most importantly, email marketing is twice as effective as traditional direct mail in getting a response from the targeted audience. This may be because of its immediate call-to-action, through "buy now" or "sign up now" links that can be directly embedded in the message. It is ideal for anyone looking to increase revenue, boost sales, generate leads, build brand awareness or shorten sale cycles.

4. How do I start?
Start your email campaign with existing customers and grow your contact list by encouraging recipients to forward your message to others. Include a subscribe button on your Website and ask prospective customers if you can send your newsletter to them. Make sure your collateral includes a reference to your newsletter and consider running a promotion or give away to generate interest. Your list will grow faster than you would have believed.

Pricing & Billing

5. Can I pay with PayPal?

6. What is the refund policy?
As a company policy, we do not provide partial refunds for unused credits. We reserve the right to shut down campaigns at any time, if we feel that you are abusing our system in any way.

7. Will I receive bounced return emails from (newly) invalid addresses?
No! This is where Smart Email Marketing Solution saves you time and removes the headache of hundreds of undelivered emails bouncing back and clogging your inbox. Email Marketing Gujarat automatically flags invalid email addresses ('hard bounces') so that they are excluded from future campaigns. 'Soft bounces' (addresses that are temporarily unavailable), go through a series of checks before they become a 'hard bounce'. Email addresses are being checked for validity on a continual basis, even when you are not logged in.

8. What if I don't have an email list?
Not a problem. There are several ways you can collect email addresses. Smart Email Marketing Solution provides a list building tool in the form of a sign up box to be put on your w ebsite. Your site visitors can sign up for your email list and their addresses are automatically imported in to account. You have access to this tool even in the free trial.
Other ways to collect would be to set up a guest register and have customers provide you with their email addresses that you will import in to your Smart Email Marketing Solution account. Trade shows, conferences, etc - any time you touch your customer, invite them to join your list.

9. How do I know if emails that I sent out were actually opened?
Smart Email Marketing Solution provides statistics of sent newsletters and reports the percentage of emails opened per mailshot, how many were sent, how many website click through were generated, and who clicked on what links and who actually opened the email. We even enable you to generate or export these addresses as a separate list so that you can target your users based on their click behavior.

10. How do I get my list imported in to my Smart Email Marketing Solution account?
Smart Email Marketing Solution will accept your email addresses in 2 file formats; .txt (text file) or .csv (Comma Separated Values). Simply browse to where the file lives on your computer and let the Smart Email Marketing Solution wizard guide you through the import.

11. Can I send scheduled email with Smart Email Marketing Solution, choosing the time I wish my newsletter to be sent out?
Yes, scheduled email is the feature available as part of Smart Email Marketing Solution's functionality. They can be sent by hours and days, up to one month ahead.

12. Can I add attachments to my email newsletters?
Yes, a download link to the file from your email will be almost the same thing as an attachment. It is also much more likely to get through corporate firewalls. In the editor position your cursor and then choose the Internal Link button (next to the table symbol). Upload your attachment to the Pictures folder - now select it in the list by clicking the 'Select'. Enter your link text (e.g. Download it here) and click OK.

13. Can you cancel an email once you have sent it?
Yes, you can cancel as well as pause the email campaign at any time once you have sent it.

14. How does manage images?
You can upload and insert images from your computer hard drive into your Smart Email Marketing Solution newsletter, or use images that are elsewhere on the Web. Smart Email Marketing Solution stores your images in a folder for convenient access at any time. Smart Email Marketing Solution enables you to either upload images straight into your pictures folder to be inserted into a newsletter later, or you can upload and insert an image at the same time while working in the Smart Email Marketing Solution Editor.

15. Can the recipient's name appear in the 'To' field?

16. Will each person get email with Personalized Name?

17. Can you handle all email email activity related work on our behalf?

18. Will other people know to whom I have sent emails? Like happens with CC emails?
No. Each email will go individually from the system

19. What if I am getting very poor results of Email Campaign?
We can advise you to change your subject line, email content, Email sending time etc. It may increase your success ratio. However, there is no guarantee. You have to send emails at your own risk. Its like any other form of advertising, where there is no guarantee to get business generated.

20. Are you compliant with USA's CAN-SPAM Law?
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